Switz Group is a leading bakery group in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. We straddle the value chain… egg farms to egg processing, own-branded (and franchised/third party) industrial bakeries and cake shops, and dedicated own distribution in the Middle East.

Switz Group is committed to high quality standards, technological development and innovation. We have operations in seven different countries across the Middle East and Asia, with fifteen companies making up the group portfolio. Switz Group is a family business with a global perspective. This perspective has added significant competence lately with equity joint ventures with Dawn food, USA and Bauli, Italy.

Switz International is the Frozen Bakery division of Switz Group, based in Mumbai. This Company manufactures and distributes frozen thin dough products including the World Famous Samosa Leaves, Spring Roll Sheets and also convenience products such as Frozen Donuts.

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Established in 1980, Switz Group has expanded its footprint geographically and through JVs over the last three decades. It is focused on the Indian sub continent and the Middle East as key focus areas.

It has no formalized mission or vision statement. However, it has clearly defined values and founding principles.

  • We are the Switz family.
    It includes our employees (past and present), JV partners, bankers, auditors, vendors, and most importantly our customers. Like a family our relationships are NOT transactional in nature. Many ex employees return to new assignments after serving leadership positions. They seldom, if ever, work for the competition.
  • Teamwork is the foundation of all great enterprise.
    Rotating empowered leadership, 360 degree consultation on strategy, open access to owners, long term recognition (especially at lower levels) of value creating stars, “celebrating” top leadership unsuccesses are some of the elements.
  • To continuously create a learning organization.
    This is evident in our strategy of joint ventures, multiple leadership, and geographical diversity. We actively pursue new young leadership and innovative businesses ideas to continuously create a humble but ambitious work culture by peppering our successes with unsuccesses.
  • Execution is all important.
    A good strategy/product/market is hard to find. While we try to find new ones, we need to execute and run our existing businesses superbly well to create the surpluses to fund new risky growth paths.