Product Summary: 
Switz Puff Parathas are made with the highest quality ingredients
through a specialized layering process that makes them truly fluffy
and flaky.These buttery-soft parathas are easy to use (thanks to a separator
between each sheets), easily foldable, easy to tear and are guaranteed
to melt in your mouth.

1.Light and Flaky texture
2.Rich, Buttery Taste
3.Serves as versatile base for many snacks and dishes
4.Hygienically processed, packed and frozen.
5.Easy to cook on a non-stick surface – No oil or ghee needed!
6.Shelf life from 18 to 24 months at -18oC storage


Switz Puff Paratha Standard Size:

Puff Paratha:

Variants Puff Paratha
Weight/ Pieces 80 g
Net weight per pack 400Kg
Contents (per carton) 24 packs
Carton weight 9.6 kg