Giving longer life to wearable batteries

Scientists in South Korea have developed a novel reserve battery that combines long shelf life with flexibility and could have useful applications in wearable devices.

A leap from a frog to understand nerves

A detailed study of molecules called N-glycans in frog embryos suggests they play a vital role in developing the nervous systems in vertebrates, including ourselves.

Pick of the Week: Predicting metal oxide catalysis

This week鈥檚 Chemical Science Pick of the Week describes how the formation energy of oxygen vacancies in metal oxides is an accurate descriptor of the energy input needed for C鈥揙 and N鈥揙 bond scission.

Greener, cheaper MOF synthesis

Our ChemSci Pick of the Week demonstrates the scalable synthesis of metal-organic-frameworks (MOFs) using ultrasonic or acoustic frequencies 鈥 rather than solvent-based approaches.

Splitting water with light

Our ChemSci Pick of the Week describes a metal oxide photocatalyst that can efficiently use sunlight to produce hydrogen from water, which could help tackle environmental issues and resource shortages.

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